25 Jan

The office management and technology field is competitive, so you should be prepared for some difficulties. Some primary issues influencing the employment market for graduates of the two disciplines in Nigeria are a lack of suitable computers and Internet facilities in higher institutions, a lack of knowledge about the profession, and the absence of solid secretarial professional groups.

According to the findings of recent research, office technology and management graduates from Nigerian universities have improved their employment prospects. The influence of the country's education system on job prospects has been acknowledged despite the sector's many difficulties. However, the quality of education must be raised to guarantee its efficacy.

This study tested several variables for their impact on student's grades. One conclusion indicated that, on average, kids' academic performance improved with age. These advantages resulted from a combination of variables, such as a higher level of drive to learn, a more strategic approach, or the existence of life experience.

In addition, the researchers found substantial links between teachers and student achievement. Administrators with doctoral degrees and teachers with strong English skills tended to do well academically. While the average cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of students who performed poorly in school was 2.39 points lower than that of pupils who performed well.

Universities in Nigeria often need more access to computers and the internet. Many of these institutions eagerly anticipate the completion of the National Universities Network (NUNET) initiative.

Inadequate skills, poor internet connectivity, low bandwidth, an insufficient number of Internet access points, a lack of access to reliable technical support, an unstable power supply, and frequent blackouts are just some of the significant challenges that are impeding the effective deployment of ICT platforms in the tertiary sector. These limitations prevent universities from gaining access to global knowledge and implementing ICT efficiently in the tertiary sector.

Further, rampant test cheating has contributed to safety and security concerns. The physical limitations of certain institutions also prevent them from providing instruction. Similarly, some educators must gain the necessary skills to use computer technology and software effectively.

Although secretarial work is highly esteemed, new grads encounter significant hurdles in the workplace. To add insult to injury, many recent graduates from secretarial programs are technologically unable to compete with their more intelligent peers. As a result, the productivity of office managers has decreased, and there needs to be a robust professional body to back them up.

Getting certified is a great way to jumpstart your career as a secretary. Although not all businesses will demand it, having a formal certificate might improve your employment prospects. Moreover, only some people need certification, but the chance to hone one's talents is priceless.

Learning as much as possible about the secretarial profession can help you succeed in your career. Gaining the requisite experience might take a few years, but it could lead to a more rewarding and successful job. Some secretaries are sought out for their experience in the legal field, while others are sought out for their proficiency with office technology, including email, spreadsheets, and database management systems.

Challenges exist for students studying Office Technology and Management (OTM) in Nigeria. They have to cram for exams in a short period. Most workplaces do not have sufficient access to computers. The lack of appropriate material makes it hard for them to get information.

Inadequate financing and the high cost of ICT, poor implementation of ICT regulations, and inconsistent energy and internet connections are all factors that hinder ICT use in Nigeria. Because of these hindrances, many pupils in Nigeria need help to use ICT fully.

Institutions of higher education in Nigeria need help to meet the needs of students majoring in office technology and management because of a lack of even the most basic office equipment. Common examples of equipment that many schools lack include printers, projectors, and binders. Students also need help with data collection.

There is a need for more money for academics, which is a significant barrier to research output. Researchers, however, write publications about their discoveries and present them at conferences. The expansion of the NIS and the academic staff's reputation depends on the quality of the research conducted.

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